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A constant concept, emphasizing long term goals, courage in the innovative way of managing the enterprise and surrounding oneself with a qualified staff is the philosophy implemented in many developing worldwide companies. Salamander Industrie Producte (SIP) is one of them without any ray of doubt, it gathers companies which under the brand Brügmann and Salamander sell their products.

In Poland, the beginnings of the company Salamander Window & Door Systems S.A. dates back to 1990 when sales of modern profiles of PVC have been started for production of windows and door.
At present Salamander Window & Door Systems S.A. consists of: 13 lines devoted to extrusion of the window profiles, 4 modern lines for veneering. It is also a plant of over 15 000 m2 of sheltered surface, and since 2004, when 'Brügmann' and 'Salamander' were joined, it has become the unique seller of the Salamander system in Poland.

A great potential which Brügmann possesses, permits to assure the needs of the Polish market and on a considerable scale meet the expectations of the receivers from the Western, Eastern and Southern Europe. The highest quality norms, taking care of the high category of the material, give clients full satisfaction from the article and the staff trained in Germany, a professional service and realization of the accepted commissions. The confirmation of the efforts made to satisfy the receivers and retaining the highest quality is the ISO 9001 certificate and as one and only enterprise of the very branch in Poland, possessing the German approval of quality RAL.


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